Saturday, 20 August 2011

Fix Golf Slice – Turn Your Golf Game “Inside Out&rdquo

<p>How to GolfRight handed golfers should have a fully rotated left hand, as well as a fully extended right arm.  This drill must be conducted as many times as it takes to &ldquo;retrain&rdquo; the body in the proper golf mechanics required to produce a good shot.As mentioned above, a golf club swing path that travels from the outside to the inside contributes to a slice problem.  Many golfers are able to Fix Golf Slice problems simply by altering their club path.  One way to do this is to force your swing into an &ldquo;inside to outside&rdquo; path.  This can fix golf slice problems by emphasizing the subtle changes that would be required so address the problem of an outside to inside swing path.  It can take a bit of time to retrain the body, but the rewards of a lower golf score are well worth the effort! </p>
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