Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Great Gift Ideas for Golf Lovers

Ryder Cup displayed at the 2008 PGA Show

In a year that has already been jam-packed with great sporting moments, golf enjoyed its own time in the spotlight with the greatest Ryder Cup ever staged. Few could have predicted the drama that would unfold on the final day of this year’s USA vs Europe bout, with the Europeans staging the most dramatic of comebacks to claw back a four point deficit on the final day.

The action kept sports fans and non-sports fans alike glued to the televisions and is sure to have inspired budding golfers galore to pick up a club for the first time, or at least dust off their golf shoes for the first time in a long time. With Christmas fast approaching, golf is sure to be one of the most popular themes when shopping for sports-lovers this year. But think beyond the novelty mug or comedy golf tie and there are some really useful golfing goodies out there to enjoy. Here are some ideas to ensure your gift ideas are well above par.

GPS rangefinder

Judging the distance between your ball and a hole was once little more than a glorified guessing game, but then in came laser technology range finders and things moved up a notch. The goalposts have moved once more, with the GPS technology that you find on smartphones and SatNavs, now being utilised to its fullest in golf rangefinders, many of which come preloaded with details on golf courses across the world to give you the most accurate information you need. Garmin even offers a watch version to save you carrying extra gadgets in your bag.

Golf shoes that look nothing like golf shoes

WIth Tiger’s stylish Nike threads, Poulter’s colourful trousers and Bubba’s bright pink driver, golfing style has come a long way since the stuffy days of shorts and knee-high socks. True, many clubs still enforce dated dress codes and most courses worth their salt won’t want you on the courses without proper golf shoes. But there’s no reason you have to look like a stiff these days and various companies are now producing golf shoes with the appropriate grip and spikes but with looks which ooze understated cool. Ecco’s casual Street range won’t look out of place away from the course.

Discount green fees membership

These days everyone loves a bargain and there are plenty of schemes out there which make golf more affordable than ever before. Membership schemes such as the Open Fairways club mean you can get up to 50 per cent off course fees at top notch golfing venues around the country throughout the duration of the membership, which makes this a gift that really keeps on giving.

Golf lessons

Anything that helps sports-loving males get one over on their mates will always make great Gifts For Men, and golf lessons certainly fall into that category. If you’re shopping for someone who is likely to fall into the ‘all the gear but no idea’ bracket, then do the decent thing and treat him to something that will actually improve his game. Lessons with a pro will help them reenact those Ryder Cup style dramatic comebacks and prove more useful in the long term than novelty golf accessories.

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Great Gift Ideas for Golf Lovers

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